What is modern Freemasonry?

One modern definition is: Freemasonry is an organized society of men, symbolically applying the principals of Operative Masonry and architecture to the science and art of character building. In other words, Masonry uses ageless methods and lessons to make each of us a better person.

What We Offer


We are dedicated to our community.


We were able to sing for our local families at the Katchina retirement community.

Recent News!

Rehabbing the Shrine!

The Brothers of Central Arizona Masonic Lodge have begun the rehabilitation of our beloved Shrine that overlooks Sedona.

After many years, the Shrine is showing its age. The Brothers are now bringer it back to its former glory! As you can see by the latest two pictures, we have made a great deal of improvement. We are working very hard make our lodge shine!

Central Arizona

Masonic Lodge #14