July Masonic Birthdays

Robert Chesshir            50 yrs.

Bill Hopkins                  65 yrs.




Grand Master Most Worshipful Michael A. Dale

Deputy Grand Master Right Worshipful Leigh Creighton

Senior Grand Warden  Right Worshipful Roger Biede III

Juni​or Grand Warden Right Worshipful Eric Dupree

Grand Secretary​​ Very Worshipful  Greg Vasquez, PGM

Grand Treasurer Very Worshipful Ron Richards

  Senior Grand Deacon Worshipful Brother James Xie 

Junior Grand Deacon Worshipful Brother​​ Reed Houge

Senior Grand Steward Worshipful Brother Chris Chavez

Junior Grand Steward Worshipful Brother​​ Steve Bracety

Grand Lecturer WB David Fierro​

Grand Chaplain VR Jed A Holley

Grand Orator WB Luis Alberto Irizarry-Figuero

Grand Marshal WB Keith Antonio Cooper

Grand Standard Bearer Jon M Schmidt

Grand Sword Bearer WB William Barkley Carnell

Grand Bible Bearer WB Ernest Perez Miranda

Grand Pursuivant Dwain Rogue Fernandez

Grand Organist Jonathan Edward D’Emilio

Grand Editor WB George Balady, Jr.

Grand Tyler WB Jared Spencer Wallace

Grand Counsel WB Richard Leland Brooks

Grand Photographer WB Allen Nichols  

Order Of The Eastern Star Of Arizona 

Verde Valley Chapter No7

534 S 12th St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Secretary: Barbara Wunder, PGM

602-290-9547   barbara.wundervv7@gmail.com

Stated Meetings: First Tuesday at 7:30PM

Dark: July and August

July 6, 1830 – Grand Lodge of Florida Founded

July 8, 1789 – Grand Lodge of Connecticut founded.

July 21, 1875 – Grand Lodge of South Dakota was formed

July 27, 1818 – Grand Lodge of Mississippi was founded

July 30, 1733 – Grand Lodge of Massachusetts founded

Sickness and Distress

Please Keep all Brothers and their families in your prayers

Especially these

MW Bill Bray, Robert Jahns, John Clarke, Jack Kennedy, Romm Paras, Gene (Rock) Kurz, Sam Petriak  & Jerry Brown


Awaiting Degrees

                                 Knocking on the Door                      Fellow Craft                         Master Mason                                                                                                                                               Wade Rea, Josh Fant       

Arizona Masonic Events

Masonic Celebrations


Worshipful Master John Camillieri      928 399-0188

Senior Warden  Earl Wunder              928-634-8395

Juni​or Warden Scott Donham             928-301-1760

Secretary​​ Spencer Lower                   928-639-3359

Treasurer John Clarke                        928-821-3500

Senior Deacon Ed Arico                     609-865-0574

Junior Deacon DeWayne Woodworth  928-274-1216

Senior Steward Chris Hurtt                 928-582-0341

Junior Steward Alex Fields                 623-476-9499

Chaplain MWB Bill Bray                     818-419-7174


Tyler William Belanus


by Gerald Leighton

Each time it's different and each time the same
and has been from the whenever start
For centuries, I guess

 And yet I'm the guardian by default
Of assignment, make sure it's done right
and it must have been the same
For centuries, I guess.

July Birthdays

Ed Arico                         61

David Cunningham       79

Theron Witter                 84


by Joseph Servocky

Are you an active member
the kind that would be missed
or are you just contented
that your name is on the list?

Do you attend the meetings
and mingle with the flock
or do you stay at home
and criticize and knock?

Do you take an active part
to help the work along
are you satisfied to be
the kind that "JUST BELONG"?

Do you ever go and visit
a member that is sick
or leave the work to a few
and talk about the clique?

Think this over, member,
you know right from wrong
are you an active member
or do you "JUST BELONG"?